Translation Rates

• In order to obtain a definitive price for your translation, we kindly ask you to e-mail or fax us the work that needs to be translated with a clear indication of the target language.

• We translate regular texts from € 0.08 per word, technical or legal texts from € 0.11, excluding VAT.

NB: The price quotation depends on the nature of your text and the turn around time depends on the availability of the translators.

• Any document requiring urgent treatment, i.e. a shorter than normal turn around time, is subject to a supplement.

• We offer discounts to regular clients and for larger volumes.

• All rates are without VAT (21% when applicable).

Proof-reading Rates

Our rate for proof-reading of your documents in Dutch, French, English, German and Spanish is between € 0.03 and € 0.05 per word (without VAT).