Sworn and legalized translations


Sworn and legalized translations

There are three types of translations:

— Standard translation;

— Sworn translation: a standard translation signed by a sworn translator;

— Legalised translator: a sworn translation stamped by the court.

• A standard translation/simple translation is the rendering into a foreign language of a given text, and it is typically provided in electronic form.

• A sworn translation (or certified translation) is produced by a translator who has been sworn in by one or several Belgian courts. When the sworn translator signs and/or personally stamps his or her translation it indicates that the document is true to the original, thereby making it official. Such translations are typically provided on paper.

• A legalised translation (official translation) is a sworn translation that is stamped and signed by the clerk of the court so as to authenticate the translator’s signature. Doing this gives legal force to the sworn translation. In some cases the authorities will also require a certificate issued by the Belgian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. We recommend that you check in advance which type of certification is required for your document.